Bridal Packages

Bridal Packages

Bridal Packages

We can help you reduce 2 to 3 sizes before your Special Day, so your dress will fit the way you have always dreamed.

We have affordable packages for the entire wedding party, including Mothers and Grooms.

bridal1Laser Radiofrequency + Ultra Cavitation

Bra Line and Flank (5 Sessions): eliminate the stubborn fat around the braline and flanks.

Abdomen (6 Sessions): flatten the abdomen and get rid of that stubborn fat while regenerating your elastin and collagen.

Ultra Cavitation + Body Wrap

Abdomen and Love Handles (6 to 8 Sessions): get rid of that stubborn fat and shape your waist.

bridal2Vela Slim + Lipolaser

Abdomen (6 Sessions): safely contour and shape your abdomen by reducing cellulite and firming your skin.

Radiofrequency Laser

Neck-Hands (6 Sessions): tighten your skin and stimulate your own collagen and elastin to give your skin a youthful appearance.

Eyes-Neck-Hands (6 Sessions): rejuvenate your skin, stimulate your own collagen and elastin to give your skin a radiant look.

Vela Slim + Cavitation

Legs (6 Sessions): firm your skin in that area that exercise and diet can't, decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

bridal3Bioslimming Body Wraps

(10 Sessions): detox your whole body with an infrared blanket. This new and effective treatment also tightens your skin.


Face-Neck or Legs (2 Sessions): only 2 sessions required. You will see efective results after the first session. Te second one will be applied after 10 days. No need to repet treatment within 3 months

Peeling Mix + Microdermabration

Face (6 Sessions): brighten and rejuvenate your face by removing all your dark spots and getting that bridal glow for your perfect day!!

Personalized Treatment

Face (4 Sessions): deep cleansing and hydrating, treating those specific concerns you would like to improve.

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