Our Body Treatments

Allow us to provide you with a rejuvenation experience with treatments to help your body feel and look better. A thorough and professional consultation is performed before each treatment in order to guarantee optimal care for your body.


lipobodyLipo Laser Slimming Treatment

Lipo Laser Slimming Treatment, is the use of infrared light energy (IR), radio frequency energy and skin vacuum suction, effective heating of the subcutaneous tissue to promote blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of adipose tissue, and finally achieves skin firming and reshape stature exquisite curves.

It can effectively improve the curve of the legs, improve sagging buttocks, reduce abdomen fat , enhance the skin’s firmness to improve stubborn hardened cellulite, promote blood and lymphatic circulation, firms skin and slims the body. The Lipo Laser Treatment can sculpt the body and can achieve a skin firming effect at the same time.

Lipo Laser (1 session) - (45 minutes) .............$100

Lipo Laser (1 session ) - (25 minutes)............ $55

Lipo Laser (12 sessions) - (45 minutes).......... $1,140

Lipo Laser (12 sessions) - (25 minutes).......... $660


This treatment combines four technologies in a single unit: infrared, radio frequency, vacuum therapy and tissue manipulation in order to reduce body circumference, the appearance of cellulite and fatty tissues in just a few sessions. It combines the power of technology Elōs (bipolar radiofrequency and infrared) with vacuum therapy and mechanical massage performed with a system of suction and rollers. The combination of these energies increases the metabolism of stored fat, promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces cellulite.
Developed by the FDA in the United States Vela-Slim is safe, effective and fully ambulatory, is used to treat areas of legs, abdomen, waist and arms.

Vela Slim Treatment Abdomen (1 session) - (30 minutes)... $85

Vela Slim Treatment Arms (1 session) - ( 30 minutes) ...........$120

Vela Slim Treatment Legs (1session) - (40 minutes).............. $170

ultrasoundbodyUltra Sound Body Therapy

This treatment improves cellulite, body contours, and skin tone. The system works by using radio frequency and ultrasonic energy to stimulate the skin's fibroblasts and increase collagen production. The result is an improved body contour, skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction.

The Six low-energy laser diodes heat the deeper layers of tissue, promoting collagen production and increasing blood flow to the area and the Ultrasound accurately targets the fat and cellulite- transmitting energy pulses through the skin into the fat.

These elements can dramatically improve the look and feel of both the deep and superficial skin layers by rejuvenating skin, reducing cellulite and contouring the body in a safe, effective, and non-invasive way.

Ultra Sound Body Therapy (1session) .........$110

radiofrecRadio Frequency Body Treatment

The Radio Frequency Body Treatment is used to treat cellulite and sagging skin, producing deep heat that allows the subcutaneous skin fat tissues to break down. Such heating promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces the liquids and toxins which are trapped in your skin by breaking down the cellulite tissue and allowing it to be removed through the body naturally. The most important effect is that it causes the formation of new collagen in the skin and subcutaneous tissue allowing the tissue to acquire firmness due to the reorganization of the fibrous septa and dermal thickening.

The duration of this treatment varies according to the area being treated. It is generally 8 to12 sessions in order to see effective results.

Radio Frequency Body Treatment (12 session) ............ $1,800

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