I had an appointment at Purely You a couple weeks back while I was in Houston for a business trip. The spa was not pretentious like some of the spas I've been to in NYC, but instead it was very welcoming and the staff was wonderful. I will definitely be back if I'm ever in the area.


J C., Satisfied Customer

My experience over all at this spa was excellent. I am in my 30s and have alot of eye wrinkles, they were extremely helpful in showing me what type of creams and procedures I should do and how often I should do them. I have noticed a significant amount of change from following their reccomendations. The place is extremely clean and smells great. My mother gets her facials done there and absolutely loves them. Her face looks so fresh and radiant after her facials. I would definitely reccomend this place.

Marisol Adame, Satisfied Customer